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Did you read #5?

Let me summarize it for you:
1) 'Opt-out' has issues that need to be resolved
2) 'Opt-out' will lead to more federalism
3) Federalism is bad (evidence? discussion? argument?)
4) Therefore, 'Opt-out' is bad.

Less articles like that, please.

The opt out is a charade. If opponents of healthcare reform fall for it, they have only themselves to blame.

This quote from the optout article is hilarious because Northern States have sent hundreds of billions of dollars to southern states over the last several decades.

"But what about the tax revenue that would have gone to subsidize uninsured residents of that state through a public option? Will that money in exiting states go to private insurance companies?"

As though this hasn't been happening for decades. Maybe for once these southern states can try to support themselves rather than live off the federal teat.

It is particularly bad because if you compare per state GNP and the amount of net federal revenues received by each state, you will find that for states like Mississippi, 13% of their state GDP is U.S government spending. In 2004, Mississippi received $3,800 more per resident than it paid in taxes, while per capita GSP was only $29,500

Without the federal government, most southern states would be 10% poorer than they are already.

Steve Landsburg sounds like a crank:

God is unnecessary not because complex things require simple antecedents but because they don’t. That allows the natural numbers to exist with no antecedents at all—and once they exist, all hell (or more precisely all existence) breaks loose: In The Big Questions I’ve explained why I believe the entire Universe is, in a sense, made of mathematics.

@Mike S, this is exactly why many people recoil from these types of policies. You make people subservient to the state: not only dependent on it to continue their lifestyle, but beholden to follow the state's policies otherwise they are hypocrites, un-American, etc. You don't allow people to fail, and then shove it in their face at every turn.

We'll help you out, but you better repay it with votes and support.

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