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The plan to invade Canada comes up in a news story every so often. Sometimes instead we get the "Pentagon has a plan to invade country X!" story about some current plan. The last time one of these stories came up, about a war plan with Russia, the Russians dismissed it, saying that every responsible military has contingency plans for every circumstance.

Is there anything more pointless and useless than twitter? I hope it dies its inevitable death sooner than later.

The fourth thing people hate if they can't properly filter: Twitter.

In the 30's the US was an oil-exporting country. Update those plans--Nickel? Seize the oil fields!

The golf cart subsidy is not as ridiculous as the WSJ article makes it out to be. It only applies to "road-worthy" carts, and golf-cart-like vehicles do find use as electric vehicles in some towns and city centers. With a subsidy, they could displace mopeds and scooters as well as small urban cars.

Interestingly, just this morning I posted a short rant about the proliferation of blogging systems and why that is such an irritation to people who just want to get things done rather than learning divergent details. Twitter, Facebook, and the other social networking sites are just more of the same. (

Aaron, "The key is that *you* control the way Twitter works for you." is the problem. Often controlling the interface is more hassle than it's worth, but people put you down because you don't want to put in the **work** of learning a poorly documented system.

funny, all the anti-twitter comments here are all one liners, just like you'd find on twitter...

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