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#5: It's amazing that didn't crop up in California first.


How do they weed out the applicants?

Re: #4

I agree, Bankruptcy allows for /very/ fast unwinding of debt. This is why federal student loans are so dangerous, there is no bankruptcy protection, so if you take the loans you are stuck.

On #5. It should be some grave blogger sin to post a link that has the least amount of information and you have to then click to another site to get any kind of info and then click again to get to the original material in question.

IE, what is the point of posting the Megan Mcardle Atlantic blog post when she links to the Reason blog that has even more information, and it actually links to the actual New York Times article?

Obviously, Tyler Cowen is a really smart economist, and I’m a layman who doesn’t really have the authority to be dismissive in that fashion.

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