Assorted links

1. How to get Swedes to use the stairs.

2. Under "Current Events," betting on the econ Nobel.  When I checked yesterday liquidity was zero.

3. Via Chris F. Masse, an essay on San Francisco; ouch!

4. Famous people blog here, including Ronald Dworkin.

5. Ranking of American cities for theatre; Minneapolis/St. Paul is third.  Honolulu is last at 30th.


5. this is all messed up. where is pittsburg? i know houston theatre more than i wish and i know it ain't 5th.

mgh -

The Nobel Peace Prize is given by a Norwegian group appointed by the Norwegian Parliament. The same Alfred Nobel gave the money but an entirely different awarding process in a different country.

All of the current five members of the awarding committee are current or former members of the Norwegian Parliament.

Oops, thanks JRT. Blogging difficult.

Why do the Swedes want people to use the stairs? Are they proving a point (fun = change in behavior) or do they think that using stairs is virtuous?

Perhaps the lack of liquidity in the intrade market for the econ Nobel reflects the utter inability of
these markets to forecast the actual outcomes worth a bean in recent years?

londenio: "Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better." It looks like either medical moralising, of which we have plenty in Europe, or a belief that hard work is morally superior to labour-saving technology.

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