Edmonton notes

The biggest surprise is how many Newfoundland accents I have heard.  There truly is backwards time travel — at least into the 1980s — and it is called the West Edmonton Mall.  The real estate bubble here has yet to pop.  It's a better place to live than to visit.  There is better dim sum than anywhere near NoVa.  I have crossed all the major bridges.  During my stay the weather has been warmer and nicer than back home.  Many new hardcover books cost $32.99 in a Chapters bookstore.  I have a theory that any Thai restaurant attached to a motel is excellent.  I had a conversation with Brad Humphreys and Jane Ruseski as to why an activity must have an intrinsically competitive aspect to qualify as a sport, thus ruling out bass fishing.  "Minus 40" is about the same in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit.  Everyone has treated me very well.


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