Elinor Ostrom and GMU

She is slated to spend a week or two visiting with us this spring, through the sponsorship of the Mercatus Center.  Pete Boettke and Paul Dragos Aligica just published a book on her thought.

Here is Ostrom on YouTube.


Author name typo.

Am I correct that this was a seminar given in Stockholm to an institution associated with the Swedish Royal Academy in April 2009?

The youtube video seems to argue strongly against centralized government power and in favor of localized power even if it is statist in not just advocating private property. Given the fact that a nobel prize was awarded for this I assume this stuff will be twisted to argue for international authorities in charge of biodiversity.

will there be any events open to the publi-at-large? I would love to attend!

Z. Xue,

There were others who preceded her in the basic insight, including a paper in 1975 in the
Natural Resources Journal by Siegfried von Ciriacy-Wantrup and Richard C. Bishop, cited by
Ostrom in her 1990 book, "Common property as a concept in natural resources policy." However,
why she deserves it more than Cheung or the still-living Bishop (or Daniel Bromley, who has
been independently pursuing these matters as well), is her more thorough examination of the
matter in the field and in the lab using a variety of methods and getting at far more details,
including bringing in game theory.

I think Dr. Boettke has done a marvelous job at elucidating the important contributions of Professor Omstrom to the workings of liberty. I would take issue with the comment of Vincent Ostrom referenced in the essay:

“In that work Vincent asks what are the preconditions for a self-governing citizenry. He answers that a self-governing society must be composed of citizens fully capable of embracing the “cares of thinking and the troubles of living.††

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