*Misadventures of the Most Favored Nations*, by Paul Blustein

The subtitle is Clashing Egos, Inflated Ambitions, and the Great Shambles of the World Trade System and the author is Paul Blustein.

I've enjoyed Blustein's books in the past and this one covers the WTO.  It has interesting portraits of Dani Rodrik, Bob Zoellick, Pascal Lamy and others.  Maybe I was in too analytic a mood when I read this book but still I recommend it; there's not nearly enough on the topic, even if I might have wanted something more wonkish on this topic.  I would have liked more discussion as to whether the WTO matters at all (the Andrew Rose debate), or whether some countries should simply stay out for as long as possible, or a public choice take on how unbiased (or not) the whole thing really is.  To be sure all these issues pop up, but I'd like to see Doug Irwin write this book too.


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