Tabarrok Provocative Lecture

I will giving the David S. Saurman Provocative Lecture at San Jose State University on Tuesday October 27 (this Tuesday), 5:15–6:45 P.M. in the Morris Daley Auditorium. The subject is, Is the FDA Safe and Effective? Open to the public.


Perhaps more provocative would be "Should the FDA be safe and legal?"

The FDA simply cannot make something safe and effective.

The FDA simply cannot make something safe and effective. good

The FDA simply cannot make something safe and effective. The manufacturers do that.

The NBA can't make its players taller, either. Yet somehow, a vast majority of them do indeed seem to be unusually tall. How mysterious!

Maybe your idea of causation doesn't adequately account for the role of selection?

Anyway, I hope that by "provocative" you don't mean "mindlessly contrarian without regard to the facts", because there's a little too much of that floating around as it is, just at the moment.

I’m haven’t read the Science article, but the type of standardized tests taken in schools aren’t sensitive to the 4+ standard deviations Mr. Tabarrok is talking about. If ten students get a perfect score, they’re all reported as the same percentile even though there’s almost certainly a difference in their abilities.

Furthermore, you can’t extrapolate anything about “innate math ability† (whatever the heck that is) from a standardized test designed to test achievment. Tabarrok’s analysis doesn’t say that Larry Summers is right, his analysis says that there still exists a gender achievement gap in mathematics. It’s a reflection of the bias in our culture, not of the inherent abilities of boys and girls.

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