The Rationalizer

In an update of the mood ring from the 1970s Philips has produced an EmoBracelet and EmoBowl recommended–so they say–for online stock traders to monitor their own emotional responses.

The Rationalizer system consists of two components – the EmoBracelet and the EmoBowl. The bracelet measures the arousal component of the user’s emotion through a galvanic skin response sensor. This arousal level is rendered as a dynamic light pattern on either the EmoBracelet itself or on the EmoBowl. The higher the arousal level, the more intense the dynamic light pattern becomes: the number of elements increases, the speed increases and the color shifts from a soft yellow, via orange, to a deep red.

Philips says the product is for analyzing your own emotions but note that the bowl could be halfway around the world!  Thus, I can see employers requiring real-time monitoring of employees, people on a date might monitor the responses of their partners and perhaps we should require politicians to wear these bracelets before every vote.

Engadget has more. Hat tip to Knowing and Making.



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