Assorted links

1. Undercover economist eats with Naked Chef.

2. Genetics and success, from Atlantic Monthly.

3. List of hot people in Tokyo.

4. Terse answers from Uwe Tellkamp.  I guess he is tired from having written an almost 1000-page book.  I really liked this one.

5. Summary of recent inequality trends.

6. When do Power Laws hold?


So, is wealth lognormally distributed or what? Quite a bit of econophyics literature
says wealth is power-law distributed, or at least the upper end of the distribution.

Gee, nothing on the growth of yeast in beer; I think that is exponential growth with a cliff. Same with yogurt, cheese, mining guano.

Thank you for another great post. I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.

Do we understand enough about the Neanderthal genome to know whether they shared "orchid gene" characteristics with modern humans (and rhesus monkeys, and apparently no other primates)?

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