*Fanfare* meta-list for recommended classical music recordings, 2009

Every November I scour the critics' "Want Lists" from Fanfare, my favorite classical music periodical.  Then I go and spend a lot of money.  Here is the list of all the new recordings, from 2009, which were mentioned by more than one critic:

1. Mahler's 4th, conducted by Ivan Fischer.

2. John Adams, Doctor Atomic Symphony.

3. Mahler: The Complete Symphonies, conducted by Leonard Bernstein, remastered edition.

4. Kurtag's Ghosts, by Kurtag and Formenti.

5. John Adams, Transmigration of Souls, and other works conducted by Robert Spano.

6. Oppens Plays Carter, by Ursula Oppens.

Of that list, #6 received the most selections.  Here are the meta-list picks from last year, all of which turned out to be excellent, if you like that sort of thing that is.  I hope to be passing along more meta-lists soon.


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