Personalized markets in everything, increasing cost edition

Ezra Furman takes his music personally. He doesn’t want to just write songs, he wants to change lives, and in the process have his life changed as well.

Which is why the 23-year-old Evanston native is doing something (take your pick) outlandish, heroic, Quixotic, exhausting, ridiculous. He’s writing a song for every fan who buys his latest album, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons’ “Moon Face: Bootlegs and Road Recordings 2006-2009,” available at

More than 100 albums have been ordered since it became available a few weeks ago. Each consists of 10 tunes culled from Furman’s voluminous archive plus a customized song written directly to and for each paying customer. The tunes range from talking blues to more fleshed out melodies that Furman bashes out into a computer microphone on the road and then emails to his father back in Evanston to mail out on compact disc.

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