What did Obama eat in China?

I've been trying to find out what Obama ate in China and this is the closest I can come:

"We're also hosting a 'Stars and Stripes' week featuring iconic
American cuisine," said a hotel spokesperson, who declined to give her
name due to company policy.

"The White House guests may want to enjoy New Orleans flavors, American steak BBQs and Jack Daniel's cocktails," she added.

That was the Marriott but I suspect the Chinese government had a say in things or at the very least it was negotiated.  It's an interesting question which side is signaling the dominance with that choice; I say the Chinese.  Fortunately in Beijing it seems he had:

Obama-Hu 90 min
meal feat. prawns, soups and lamb chops, plus a presentation of Chinese
noodle making, which the Americans enjoyed.


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