Assorted links

1. Recent work in Austrian economics.

2. 121-hour long lecture (with breaks), the longest ever?

3. Scott Sumner on movies, great post.

4. Is it possible that 225,000 Haitian children are slaves?  Read this too: "Researchers said the practice of young servants, known as 'restavek', is so common that almost half of 257 children interviewed in the shantytown of Cite Soleil were household slaves. The report found that most of the children are sent by parents, who cannot afford to care for them, to families just slightly better off."

5. More on the psychology of menu pricing.

6. Peter Singer and Bill Easterly on Bloggingheads.TV.


link 3 needs fixing:

I think it's a bit misleading to call the Hatian children "slaves." They are under the authority of adults, but that's true for all children. They are expected to perform work, but that's also been true of most children throughout history who haven't been called "slaves." As far as I can tell, these children are free to leave when they grow up just like other children. This is totally different than slavery as it was practiced in the USA before the civil war, which is what Americans think about when you say "slave."

The piece on menus is just evidence that irrelevance of independent alternatives probably cannot be satisfied even in a dictatorship, if the dictator is a human being.

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