Assorted links

1. Man divorces eleven times.

2. Village Voice best of 2009 jazz list and here is another good jazz list.

3. is now up.

4. Peter Berkowitz reviews the new George Nash book on the conservative movement.

5. England's greatest composer?

6. Thomas Boswell: "Long ago, I asked Gene Mauch what was his worst day was as a manager. Random question. But Mauch actually thought about it, then said, "The day you realize you care more than the players do."


Wow, divorced 11 times. That beats one of my great uncle's record of 9 divorces and 10 marriages. His nephew, my uncle, was divorced 4 time and 5 wives.

Pathetic. I do not understand why any man today who desires a "new experience" every few years bothers with marriage. What is the point?

Whom are they kidding? England's greatest composer was Georg Handel.

Ralph Vaughan Williams is the UK's greatest composer.

Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis", by Vaughan Williams --

The above was based on a melody by Thomas Tallis --

Vaughan Williams Symphony no.7 (Sinfonia Antartica) --
The above symphony was based upon the music Vaughan Williams wrote for the movie "Scott of the Antarctic" (1948).

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Serenade to Music --

At his best Henry Purcell transports me into an
English heaven. He has the felicity with
melodies that Dryden had with words.
Elgar fathoms and gives expression to the
melancholy side of England (his Pomp and Circum-
stance not withstanding).

wow, none of my favorite jazz albums of '09 appeared on either of those lists...

top 5 (in no order and a broad definition of 'jazz')

toshimaru nakamura & tetuzi akiyama / semi-impressionism (spekk)
evan parker & john wiese / c-section (second layer records)
steve noble, john edwards, & alan wilkinson / live at cafe oto (bo' weavil records)
nate wooley, fred-lonberg holm, & jason roebke / throw down your hammer and sing (porter records)
greg malcolm / leather and lacy (interregnum records)

Oliver Sacks is great. His articles in the New Yorker magazine are among my favorites. Well written, topical, cogent, and I always learn something.

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