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Re: deaths in groups of 30--it's the porcupine rule. See [underbelly-buce_blogspot_com]

3. The Ajumma rebellion in North Korea.

When the tough old ladies start protesting, the end is near.

Personally, I've liked tough old ladies my entire life (I'm a middle-aged male). If one likes you, you will NEVER have a more loyal friend.

5. That would have been a disaster. But if he directed Episode 2 that might have been an improvement.

The little pop-up things on the books in the margins of the blog are very very annoying.

Very annoying.

Have not seen these in widespread use. Probably because they are so annoying.

I third the motion regarding the pop-up ads. If they went away when my mouse moved off them, that'd be 10 times better. But no; I move the mouse away, and the ad stays up and obscures my view of the content for a couple of seconds (longer if my internet is being slow).

Nthing objection to the pop-up ads. Very very very very annoying.

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