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Makezine has better pictures of the minimum wage machine.

It makes me think my of life as some sort of curse from a greek god.

Ah, heck. I thought my review of his Macroeconomics was a lot meatier:

Hi Tyler :

Have a random question for you (sorry for posting here).

Why is vanilla ice cream considered "plain" ? Why isn't plain ice cream really plain (i.e. not with vanilla flavor).

Stay Chill.

The comments at the minimum-wage-machine post are not very well informed. I would like to see Tyler (or an Austrian, I suppose) write a short piece describing various interpretations of the machine and economic reality (by e.g. different economic or political schools of thought), with a conclusion about how the author sees the economic reality, or what empirical/historical evidence supports.

Magic God-man giving $$ away for turning a crank that spits out the money seems slightly at odds with economic reality.

I gree with it!

Good post.

Great story thanks

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