Meta-list for fiction, best books of 2009

I've read through the lists of many other sources, and these are the fictional works which recur the greatest number of times, in my memory at least:

1. Lorrie Moore, A Gate at the Stairs.

2. Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin.

3. Dan Chaon, Await Your Reply: A Novel.

4. David Small, Stitches: A Memoir.

By the way, via Literary Saloon, here is a French best books of the year list.  They pick Let the Great World Spin as the book of the year, non-fiction included.  I will be reading it soon.

My favorite works of fiction this year were the new Pamuk, Gail Hareven's The Confessions of Noa Weber, and A Happy Marriage, by Rafael Yglesias.


Let the Great World Spin may be one of the best books of the decade.

The french list is less parochial than yours! they like an irish author, but also a german one, an american, an italian, a russian, a south american....

False advertising! This is not a meta-list, it's just a plain old list!

Semi-relevant question - do you intentionally add the little pop-up "preview" widget to those links, or is it automatic?

Because, in my estimation, having crap pop up just because I moved my mouse, well... it's the most annoying thing in the world.

Does anyone, anywhere, actually find such things add value?

I imagine someone must, because they're common (for previews, for advertising*, for "link this to any number of services nobody should use", and the like) - but I've never used them, and nobody I've ever watched read the web uses them either.

But, seriously, a slow-loading "preview"? (And this is on a *very fast* connection, mind you.)

(* The advertising one, well, I understand that. It's presumably making the site owner some tiny amount of money.)

I second Sigivald. I'm similarly annoyed at these sluggish previews.

In addition to Matt's list (spot on):
Love and Obstacles by Alexander Hemon
Risk by Colin Harrison
Breath by Tim Winton
Pax Romana (graphic novel by Image Comics)

Marie Lorena Moore who is commonly known as "Lorrie" is the author of A Gate at the Stairs.She is an awesome writer and i am just so impressed to find read her writings. Even at the age of 19 she won seventeen magazine's fiction contest she did a great job Birds of America and This master piece A Gate at the Stairs deserves to be on number 1.

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