My favorite things Nicaragua

1. Author and poet: Ruben Dario is a clear first pick and he is by far the most influential Nicaraguan figure in the history of ideas in Latin America.  It still reads quite well.  Here are Ruben Dario quotations.

2. Artist: Adele de y Gaza.  In general I like the naive painting from the Grenada area.  I've only seen pictures of her work in books and I can't even find her in Google.  If you're looking to sell one by her, let me know.  I am also a fan of Alejandro Arostegui, from Bluefield.

3. Bianca Jagger deserves a mention, if only because I don't know of many other Nicaraguans, but for what category?  Favorite Nicaraguan model?  Favorite Nicaraguan ex-wife of a Rolling Stone?

4. Album, about: The best third of The Clash's Sandinista is one of my favorite albums, period.

5. Film, set in: Men With Guns, by John Sayles.  I don't love this movie, but what am I to pick?  I found The Mosquito Coast to be excruciating.  Here are other options, none of which I've seen, none of which I want to see.

By the way, if you're wondering what happened to "My Favorite Things Alberta," all I could think of was Six.


Wild Shore by Edward Marriott is a good book on the last of the Nicaraguan shark hunters - I recommend it.
Hi from NZ

"none of which I've seen, none of which I want to see."

Why? "Under Fire" is flawed, but very interesting, and has some really good performances. It probably is a bit a period piece these days, but what an interesting period.

Bianca Jagger: most hapless villain's moll (Batman, 1980s version).

Best Nicaraguan pitcher (also first and only) to play in the majors -- Dennis Martinez, 245 lifetime wins. Future El Presidente, if there be any justice in the world.

Men with guns was mostly filmed in Mexico as well. I don't know what that leaves for Nicaragua.

"Carla's song," the movie by Ken Loach, is set in Nicaragua.

"mens w/ guns" is set in an unnamed country, though the story could be Guatemala's.

As mentioned, Carla's Song is worth viewing.

A third of an album cannot be a favorite album. Only albums can be favorite albums.

Artists: Ernesto Salmerón, Hugo Palma Ibarra, Armando Morales, Marisa Tellería-Díez, Patricia Belli, Wilbert Carmona, Claudia Gordillo

The documentary "Pictures from a Revolution" (1991) contains an interesting perspective on life of Nicaragua 10 years after the Sandinista revolution. A photographer posted in Nicaragua during the days leading up to the fall of Somoza returns to look for the people she photographed, and follow-up on their situation.

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