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Thanks to Mickey Kaus (see his post Groopman 1, Orszag 0) I read this great article on health care by Jerome Groopman:

Jerome starts with this paragraph:

"One of the principal aims of the current health care legislation is to improve the quality of care. According to the President and his advisers, this should be done through science. The administration's stimulus package already devoted more than a billion dollars to "comparative effectiveness research," meaning, in the President's words, evaluating "what works and what doesn't" in the diagnosis and treatment of patients."

and then writes an interesting article on the role of experts on health care (most arguments are relevant to many other policy situations). His reliance on behavioral economics and recent discussions of paternalism provides good support for his conclusion:

"The care of patients is complex, and choices about treatments involve difficult tradeoffs. That the uncertainties can be erased by mandates from experts is a misconceived panacea, a "focusing illusion." If a bill passes, Cass Sunstein will be central in drawing up the regulations that carry out its principles. Let's hope his thinking prevails."

Krugman is God!
After the Obama bubble has already burst, we definitely need him.
Please appoint Krugman to head of the Fed and make my job as a trader easier (because then all I have to do is buy gold and hold it, there would be no other trade and therefore it would be easy getting around the coming "transaction tax" as well)

ManyMe, you don't understand what the problem is. Prof. David Green, a lefty Dem, explains it for you in his new post

E. thanks for the link.

It still amazes me how angry lefties like "Prof." Green are in so many ways like the extreme religious right - quick to condemn people they don't agree with or like to hell. (Proving that America is a very religious country?)

And he makes Hofstra sound like a great place to get an (unhinged) education. Yikes! No wonder a degree in "political science" is so worthless.

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