Assorted links

1. Are good-looking staff bad for business?

2. Manhattan vs. Alaska.

3. Here is an old post, advice for budding economists, a reader asked me to rerun it.

4. Myths of the American Revolution (of general interest, don't hold me to endorsing these).

5. Was this movie subsidized?: "Sandrine Bonnaire is Hélène, a middle-aged housekeeper in a luxurious Corsican hotel, who one day sees a couple on a balcony exchanging erotic glances and seductive gestures over a chessboard. She is sexually aroused and tries to lure her husband into a similar situation by giving him a chess computer – but the attempt fails when he does not understand the connection between chess and erotic intimacy (really)."  Kevin Kline plays in his first French-speaking role.

6. How to warn people.


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