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I love the playset! Let me rephrase. I don't love the playset, but that link is hilarious. Oh, and ... FIRST

Gosh. And I have been dipping my sushi rice into the soy sauce for years. Meshugginah!

OTOH, I would add that if one is actually in Japan another "no" in any restaurant, not
just a sushi joint, is publicly blowing one's nose.

#3: I hope I'm as able to write lengthy, articulate and insane articles when I'm 83, too.

Agree with y81, Fogel's predictions seem perfectly analogous to Samuelson's.

We know for a fact that China's government is driving its economy through monetary policy, which means its growth has an expiration date. We also know their government basically makes up their GDP statistics exactly as the USSR did. We also know that blindly extrapolating current trends doesn't lead anywhere except crazytown.

So why, exactly, should we be optimistic about China?

P.S. I also find distasteful the tone of the article, which implies as the popular press often does that the ranking of economies by absolute size is some kind of competition, and that if China succeeds everyone else somehow fails.

I disagree with Fogel. In 2040 the only category in which China will be the world's leader will be single-60-year-old-males thanks to the one child only policy. I do hope I wrong, and therefore he's right, though as my collegiate path seems to have me geared towards employment there.

We certainly know that the Chinese economy is wildly different from that of the Soviet Union, and we certainly understand vastly more about it. But Fogel's prediction and his supporting discussion are one of the more bizarre things I have ever read. It's as though he took every breathless hyperventilation about China and doubled it. Without showing his work.

I think the chopsticks should be pointed towards you when you place them across the dish. If you do it like pictured they will be pointing at the person sitting on your left, this is naughty.

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