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  • Andrew Gelman can't take von Mises seriously as a philosopher.  Oh brother.

Hat tip: Andrew.


Gelman *actually* said:
I can't take him (Mises) seriously as a philosopher of statistical practice

Coming from a statistician of Gelman's caliber I wouldnt respond with 'oh brother'.

since neither tyler nor andrew make it explicit, let me enter into the record that andrew gelman is talking about richard von mises, not ludwig von mises.

I'll probably never develop the sophistication to consider blatant misquotation as 'subtlety', i'm afraid.

There's a fine line between too subtle and too corny.

Charlie Munger's parable.

Uh oh.

Munger is the smarter half of the Munger-Buffet duo.

Uh oh.

Ah, so it's our fault for not realising that Alex was doing a *satire* on right-wing hacks, instead of *being* a right-wing hack. Given what we know, and the probabilities of subtlety v misunderstanding, is it really consistent to believe that?

3. The Stoics invented that technique roughly 2000 years ago.

Who knew until today that Ludwig had a younger brother named Richard who was a scientist!

Might it have escaped our gracious host that Ludwig von Mises and Richard von Mises are not the same person?

I applaud Thomas Themel for a classy and gracious critique. But no if you look again you will see that I am well aware that Ludwig and Richard are different people although they did share a number of genes!

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