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Conservatives "lost interest" in a flat tax for the same reason that Bruce Bartlett has "lost interest" in cutting spending; because it proved politically impossible to pass.

I'd disagree with 2: It's actually the opposite. Internet censorship is doomed to fail for the same reasons computer security is impossible: The hacker's job is orders of magnitude easier than the defender. It's the same reason content providers are unable to stop copyright infringement, and have been unable to do so even before the internet. The internet is just a faster tool, which benefits the attacker even more.

Ask any teen how difficult it is to use any of a dozen different ways to bypass the censoring filters that every school implements.

First, the flat-tax brigade was never a major part of conservatism. Dick Armey's support got a lot of media attention. The problem with the flat tax is first, that it still taxes income, and second that the original tax code had no loopholes either. That is, there remains no effective basis to prevent a (rapid) return of the current nonsense.

I would wager that conservative support for eliminating (via constitutional amendment) the income tax--to be replace with consumption taxes remains more popular for the above reasons.

"It is also worth pointing out that Hendrix apparently never used any open tunings, playing all of his songs in the standard E-A-D-G-B-E tuning (although he regularly tuned his strings down a half step to E-A-D-G-B-E in order to fit in more readily with horn sections and to allow the strings to be bent more easily)."

Don't they mean to say octave or am I misreading this?

anoneemouse: nope, it should be a half-step--probably something between the original paper and the journal site was unable to display a musical flat symbol, and no one caught the error, so the notation got lost...

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