Assorted links

1. One argument in favor of interruption.

2. Shanghai cracks down on pajamas.

3. Who can help the PIIGS?

4. Map of Europe's alcohol belts.

5. Rogoff: "Greece has been in default roughly one out of every two years since it first gained independence in the nineteenth century."


interruption (as in pauses) also help students learn from lectures.

Tebsco , UK is also forbidding people to go in pajamas to shopping

At the risk of stating the obvious, the key difference between Greece and California is that Greece has the option of leaving the euro zone, whereas California does not have the option of leaving the dollar zone. This is the difference between monetary and political union.

In Argentina there is a political union based on the same constitutional principles as the US federal system. Indeed the two political unions have worked differently but a US state can issue a currency (and I'm not talking about the so-called local or community currencies). As a matter of fact, California has been issuing IOUs that may be used as currency (see It will take me a few hours to design a legal currency for California--there are too many pages from the monetary history of Argentina on which I can rely to do it.

A little more background:
The California IOUs, otherwise known as California Certificates or Californicates for short were sent out to those owed money with notices stating "you have officially been Californicated in the arrears"

My only problem with pajamas in public is that they don't appear to have those little back door flaps that they always had in the old cartoons.

Re: interruption, I think programming is an example of a fun activity that's less fun if you're interrupted.

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