Charlie Brooker on eBooks

Anyway: eBooks. They're the future. The only thing I'd do to improve them is to include an emergency button that automatically sums the entire book up in a sentence if you couldn't be arsed to finish it, or if your plane starts crashing and you want to know whodunit before exploding over the sea. Ideally it'd shriek the summary aloud, bellowing something like "THE BUTLER DID IT" for potboilers, or maybe "THE SCULPTRESS COMES TO TERMS WITH THE DEATH OF HER FATHER" for highbrow fiction. Which means you could effectively skip the reading process entirely and audibly digest the entire contents of the British Library in less than a month. That's ink-and-paper dead, right there.

The article is here and hat tip goes to The Browser.


I'll click through later, but there already a website that does what Charlie wants - Book-A-Minute.

Note to Charlie: If you don't want us to know that you read crap, then don't tell us!

Charlie Brooker is certainly the funniest thing on TV at the moment, a sort of British Jon Stewart, though only making about 12 episodes a year.
What is the main reason behind the difference in the U.K and U.S TV productivity in TV series. Is it as simple as the way in which each write their TV shows? I'm not so sure.

+1 for Babar

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