Markets in everything

Anti-theft lunch bags.  Here is the description:

…a few spots of mold may work wonders to protect your precious sandwich when your custom labels, pleading requests and desperate detective work fail to find your regular at-work lunch thief. Reusable, resealable, one-size-fits-all and ready to go right out of the box (or brown paper bag), these clever little containers from Think of The might seem more like a prank object or gag toy than a functional product but it will almost certainly deter even the hungriest of would-be food hackers.


For the pointer I thank Lawrence Rothfield, author of this excellent book.


Sounds like a good recipe for getting your lunch thrown out, and at $0.40 a bag, the bags aren't exactly cheap either!

Anticipated Markets in More Things:

Spectacles that filter real mold vs. fake mold. Perfect stocking stuffer for that free-rider in your family.

You could also try covering your sandwich bag in swastikas..

Risk of discard is real. Faced with a persistent lunch thief, I'd probably go for the laxative-laced decoy sandwich.

I used to work at a company that had a lot of surveillance cameras around because our inventory was expensive, small, and easy to sell anonymously. We had cameras on all the doors, including the one in the break room. The break room camera "coincidentally" also covered the fridge, coffee makers, and toasters.

We had more problems with toaster fires than lunch theft.

A closely related item known as security briefs relies on a similar type of deterrence to prevent thieves from taking valuables out of your luggage.

Don't put laxatives in your sandwich, if you get caught, there could be serious legal consequences. On the other hand, if you put super-spicy hot sauce in it, maybe you just happen to like really hot food.

Seriously. Have you never shared a group refrigerator? The people digging through the fridge for free food would throw that sandwich out, then steal someone else's sandwhich.

Wow, incredibly clever... I'm not quite sure who beyond the age of 10 steals sandwiches... but this should deter them!

Market is everywhere who would of ever thought of painting green spots on a ziplock as a way of selling a product. The idea is clever and will help your theft problem until this product becomes well known and then your problem is back. I think the product could be a real success if marketed to the right people being mothers, office workers and a few college students who have to deal with their freeloader roommates. Yet,I don't know who would go to the extend of actually buying this product but, yet again I didn't know of anyone who would actually buy a snuggie...we have one downstair in our living room...if I were any younger my mother like she did with the snuggie would of bought this anti-theft lunch bag.

The potential problem with this lunch bag is like every one else said you might run into the risk that they might throw your sandwhich out but I feel the same as Andrew that people are too lazy for that. It would be great for kids dealing with other kids stealing their lunches because I feel that the kid stealing the other kid's lunch wouldn't throw it out but leave it there or hand it back. If this idea does good I can only see more moldy food decoys in the market. It's funny how when people see a crazy product like this doing well in the market they come out with even more crazy ideas that don't do so well. Back to my snuggie example the snuggie did well but the snuggie for your dog I don't know.

I love this idea!

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