*The New Yorker* writes up Peter Chang and *China Star*

Yes I know the article is gated but I wanted to blog the link anyway, out of sheer enthusiasm.  It's a superb piece.  China Star is my favorite Fairfax restaurant and it's the #1 restaurant for GMU blogger lunches and debates (though one of us hates it; can you guess which one?  We make him go nonetheless).  It's also where we take job candidates, at least the ones we respect.  Even though Chang is now gone, the restaurant remains superb in the hands of his successors, who have kept many of his original recipes.  Some people claim they get better meals when I go there to eat with them.  It's so close to our house that sometimes Natasha and I walk there.  They know us well and are rarely surprised by our order.  For two, our default is the braised fish and Sichuan chili chicken, on the bone of course.  Scallion fried fish is a must for larger groups.  John Nye likes General Kwan's Spicy Beef there.  They have real kung pao shrimp.  Kudos to Calvin Trillin for covering Chang and his mobile culinary empire.


Well now the job candidates you don't respect know who they are!

Robin hates it, right?

Don Boudreaux?

Its got to be Bryan.

Dried Fried String Beans are another staple there for me.

Also the Beef Tripe appetizer.

How's the beef stir fry with wild pepper?

OMG. You are white and you like authentic Sichuan food? Winner! I love you.

Mapo tofu

When I was in undergrad at Mason, one of my Chinese professors took us there because it is "the best Chinese place around." Having lived in China, I find it to be the most authentic in the area.

It's SO good. I wish evil things upon the dissenter in your group.

Took your advice a couple years ago when I was still at GMU (and had just finished "Discover Your Inner Economist") and ordered the craziest thing (or at least something wild from my perspective) on China Star's menu. Since then beef tripe and pig's blood with celery has been one of my all time favorites, regardless of cuisine.

What is this, Chef Chang Week? Another longish article about the mysterious chef, this one is not gated:


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