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#6 was definitely worth the few seconds it took

I also really enjoyed the Scott Sumner post. Very thoughtful.

Posts like that from Sumner only make me boggle even more at the other comments he makes with regard to the United States (bad country that may as well give it up) and China (awesome country that can do little wrong and will dominate the earth so greatly that anyone else may as well give up even trying to compete).

On the "joy of indices", there's of course the famous short story by J.G. Ballard, which consists exclusively of an index ("The Index", 1977). The Spectator even ran a competition based on it some time ago:

In the index from Wigs at Work, "Eton, trouble at, traced to
classics" certainly caught my attention. I imagine the classics
have always been central to Eton College, England's famous
public (private) school. It seems that the classics have lessons
to teach outside the strict curriculum.
It is an index with "attitude."

Kieran Healy's book list is just what i needed for this crazy cold Winter. Thanks:)

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