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Earlier today I wrote this comment regarding VAT:
"To introduce the VAT in USA, each state will have to replace its sale tax by VAT. In addition to strengthen federalism, the reform must reduce the transfers from the federal government to the state. It may be the only way for California and other states to get out of their fiscal crises. I strongly recommend to consult with the people that introduce Chile's VAT in 1975."

I don't know of any country with both VAT and a sale tax. In USA, at the national level VAT will pose such a big challenge that your politicians will not be able to handle. Obamacare has shown how stupid your politicians have become --they don't know how to write and read a law. Some states are desperate for revenue and their best (perhaps only) hope is to replace the sale tax by VAT. At the state level it is much easier to copy good VAT systems as Chile's.

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