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# 6. Elementary Tyler. If you don't trust someone because YOU KNOW him, then you should ignore the evidence. If you don't trust someone because you YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, then you should look at the evidence. I'd say that this rule is accepted by almost everyone I know.

#6 is interesting, because I don't trust The Guardian.

6. I don't really need to believe anything that I'm not going to try to repeat. If I'm going to try to repeat it what choice do I have? I'm talking about science. If the government is going to make me vote on science with no personal experience, that is ridiculous. That is not science.

Even after Climategate I think people still are coming to grips with science. They worshipa t the alter of peer review, but they forget that the whole purpose for peer review is that SCIENTISTS MISLEAD! It is like when people say everything changed after 9/11. Nothing changed except your awareness.

Loved #3. Thanks for the link.

i had had this fantasy TC was going to link to me one of these days, but nope, now i'm done.

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