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Applying for my first job, I realized I had to be creative in listing my few qualifications. Asked about additional schooling and training, I answered truthfully that I had spent three years in computer programming classes. I got the job. I had neglected to mention that I took the same course for three years before I passed.

Tony Judt is a usually wise writer and I find most of the interview -- about Europe -- interesting and valuable. (I know Dr Judt from when we were condo-neighbors in Palo Alto.)
But the word "Israel" seems to lower the IQ of many. How else can one explain this:
Israel wants two things more than anything else in the world. The first is American aid. This it has ... However, the second thing Israel wants is an economic relationship with Europe as a way to escape from the Middle East ...
Can anyone reading world affairs really believe that Israel and Israelis value economics ties with Europe over, say, "absence of existential threat to entire country"? Do Israelis really worry more about trade with Belgium than about neighboring states who boast of their desire for genocide? I certainly do not get that impression from friends in Israel or from the Jerusalem Post.

Rahul - I think he probably confused it with cryonics equipment.

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