Grenada notes

The for-profit medical facilities are impressive.  It is a quiet country, full of quiet people, and it is much safer than Jamaica (e.g., no one trails your every movement).  Women, but not men, will hesitate before answering questions.  Even a simple query like "Where is the beach?" will draw a puzzled stare from hotel staff in the lobby.  Eventually an uncertain answer will be forthcoming, even though the office is only three minutes from the ocean.  A Sunday drive through the countryside will reveal many cricket matches.  The rum factory uses something not too far from Industrial Revolution technology.  Many feel their country is threatened by Muslim terrorists.  Grenada is not wealthy but rarely does it look like a total dump.  You can visit the rotting hulks of Russian and Cuban transport planes.  Nothing is cheap, as even street food can cost well over $10.  At the Jerk Chicken Hut they sell your leftovers to the other customers.

The bottom line: If you seek a good introduction to English-language Caribbean culture — in a perfectly safe setting — and don't mind the non-bargain prices, it is definitely recommended.


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