My favorite short stories

In the "Request for Requests," yc asks:

Your favorite short stories (or collections)

Most of the twentieth century greats, such as Cheever and Barthelme, don't much stick with me.  I am a huge fan of Alice Munro and have read most or all of her work (the last collection is good but somewhat below average.)  She is consistently interesting about human nature and its foibles; maybe start here.

From the classics I'll pick Kafka's "A Country Doctor" and lots by Melville.  Borges is a special favorite, especially Ficciones.  Joyce's short stories I admire but don't much enjoy.  I like Poe's "The Gold-Bug" and Hemingway's "Kilimanjaro"  For Chekhov I prefer the mid-length fiction, though this may be a problem of translation.  Tolstoy's "Hadji Murad" might count as a novella.  From Henry James, I would recommend many of the shorter works including "Turn of the Screw" and "The Beast in the Garden."  Isaac Babel.  Some Shirley Jackson.  Mark Twain.  There is much in science fiction and arguably the genre is at its strongest in this medium.

That's a very incomplete answer, but it's what comes to mind right away.


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