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South Koreans also judge each other by blood type.

When I first visited Japan, conversation would often come to a confusing halt. People would be asking me my blood type, but I had no idea what they were talking about, and had no way to figure out their explanation, since it was so far outside the bounds of any question I expected to receive.


The Hilbert problems were very productive because the descriptions were specific and thus it was easy to know if one was solved or not. The Harvard list seems lacking specificity for most of the descriptions.

My Northern Chinese wife selects employees taking blood type into account. AND she has a very good record of predicting what its going to be for each person after knowing them for a short time.

What a lucky coincidence that every single researcher is already working on the very most important problem in their field. And making good progress, too!

While I think dating by blood type is odd, it makes a million times more sense than dating by astrological sign.

The problem isn't dating. It's when people are expected to list their blood type on application forms. Employers don't hire based on astrological signs, after all.

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