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If that's what someone who likes the iPad thinks is getting it, the device sounds even worse than I thought.

You're neglecting the most important economic link of the day...,17202/

"The iPad really isn't that practical if you want to get things done"


Neither is my television, stereo, or MP3 player, but I still view them and nearly indespensible items. The iPad never marketed itself as a productivity panacea. It's first and foremost an entertainment device. I don't think the above is too much of a knock against the product.

On zero rupee note:
I don't this will work. You probably hear only those stories where it worked and not when it back fired.
Success could be just because you have shown some balls and the clerk thinks you know someone influential.

6. So, people whose opinions differ from yours on this matter don't "understand" it? That seems a fairly arrogant stance.

Have you tried it in the sun, Tyler?

That UK study is not by a statistician, and certainly not by a gambler. Unless the Martingale strategy somehow magically works in breeding...

"A difficulty for all analysis of this sort is the possibility of endogenous family stopping rules. The problem is that certain kinds of voters may choose to cease having offspring after they achieve some desired gender mix within their children -- thereby spuriously creating a form of reverse causality where attitudes determine the
gender pattern in the children."

Maybe the Italian sign is more along the lines of Murray Bookchin's "Listen, Marxist!", snapping inattentive prostitutes out of their stupor.

Since I do a lot of reading on a laptop, I'm always surprised when people say they have trouble doing so. I associate laptop computers with 19th century literature, since I'm always downloading some public domain novel or another, and most of these are from the 19th century. I actually find it easier to read novels on a laptop than from a book since I don't have to worry about lighting.

I'm glad that a lot of people are enjoying reading on the iPad. It seems a bit awkward to me having to hold the book up, rather than having a little laptop reading stand, but if it works for them, it works for them. I've even been playing with the Kindle application for my laptop. It's a bit clunky with its page turning trope - I prefer scrolling - but maybe I'll be reading some contemporary fiction again.

I tried the UK test against the experience of one man outside the UK
who has two daughters and who is decidedly liberal but he was a
liberal before his daughters arrived. Did they confirm him in his
liberalism? Very likely.
Kingsley Amis, the English novelist, was as much to the left in
youth as he was to the right in age. He had two sons and a
daughter. He had been on the left before his marriage and for
quite a few years after it.
I think political preference is shaped by all sorts of
experiences and forces, and I would hesitate to ascribe quite
such a large role to whether someone has daughters or sons.

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