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I know for sure that having had internet access, I'd be very unhappy if I somehow lost it.

Tyler, you better keep one eye looking behind you from now on. Some guy may want to pop you in the kisser.

Also, how come you've never discussed those weekly orgies?

"Also, how come you've never discussed those weekly orgies?"

He writes about them in detail on one of his secret blogs. :)

Secret blog? I've heard about it before, but only THIS MOMENT, in connection with the weekly orgies, did it actually dawn on me that Roissy and Cowen are the same person!

1. Are younger husbands bad for women?

My experience was that being married to an older woman was bad for this ex-husband. And since she divorced me (there is a benevolent God after all...), I can only assume it was bad for her, too.

Let's try that closing tag again.

Related to life expectancy choosing a wife is easy for men - the younger the better. The mortality risk of a husband who is seven to nine years older than his wife is reduced by eleven percent compared to couples where both partners are the same age. Conversely, a man dies earlier when he is younger than his spouse.

Sounds like a serious conflating of cause and effect. A 45-year-old man who can attract a woman much younger is likely in much better shape than one who can attract one his own age or older. Most of the 'mixed age' couples I know don't appear nearly as far apart in age as they actually are--and that's probably to be expected.

I'm a little surprised that the net effect of the internet is increased happiness. While I'm a big fan of the internet I didn't miss it before I had it, and there seems like an aspect of connectedness is lost. I've been wanting to try going cold-turkey on the internet for a month just too see if I miss it.

"I'm a liberal -- I believe in subsidies for public goods and in regulations to curb harmful externalities, but neither of those things exist when it comes to parking."

Does this mean we won?

justafed: I've got it. The perfect solution to both problems.

Simply convert DC-area bus stops into singles bars. Busy federal staffers, who otherwise have no time to meet a partner, simply leave work 15 minutes earlier and spend their 29 minutes of bus waiting time chatting each other up. Once the bus arrives, they pay $3-$5 for a private booth at the back of the vehicle, and when that's finished, catch up on the last 15 minutes of work on the iPhone.

The GPS on all those iPhones can be used to track the bus locations, saving Yglesias's $1 billion, which will instead go towards subsidising dogs and Kurosawa DVDs for lonely telecommuters with no opportunity to ride the bus.

The only flaw in this plan: if the buses take too many cars off the road, traffic delays will disappear, leaving the bus schedules simply too predictable. No more 29-minute waits. And if you need to describe the entire plot of a Kurosawa movie, there's no way you're getting anyone into bed in less than 20 minutes.

But assuming this hurdle can be jumped, perhaps by an enforced queueing scheme requiring you to miss the first bus that arrives, there's a final masterstroke that makes this scheme perfect. What do we do with all those poor people who are willing to wait for the bus in exchange for their cheap price-discriminated tickets? Well, those singles bars all need tending. Easy to write a quick distributed iPhone app to generate an on-demand rota system - "first come, first serves" as it were. This plan could reduce the unemployment rate in DC below zero for the first time in history.

Omigod, having a younger husband is worst than smoking.

Omigod, having a younger husband is worst than smoking.

Omigod, having a wife is worse than smoking.

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