Assorted links

1. The evolution of income distribution in Canada.

2. How can we tell if financial reform is working?

3. Vending machines in everything.

4. Correction on Leibniz, see also Jacob T. Levy, a great post but I can only wonder what he was at this point expecting, the show hasn't made sense from episode one.

5. Will fiscal austerity sweep Europe (and does anyone now hold the view that these countries need more government spending)?


5. Paul Krugman, Robert Kuttner, Larry Summers, Stiglitz. Should I go on?

Markets in everything: Pakistan version

Japan has bucked the trend toward innovative vending machines, by prohibiting the once-popular machines that sold schoolgirls' dirty underwear.

But the key is whether they're monetarily constricted, right? When the level of output is constrained by flat demand and a central bank can't relax that through monetary policy (like in the U.S. currently), budget deficits are necessary to have an impact on output and employment. I don't think Kuttner, Krugman, Stiglitz, and Summers are that far off...

Germany could engage in further fiscal stimulus, but it is not particularly advisable for any of the others in the Eurozone

But many of them are in recession, so why isn't it advisable?

Tyler, I'm sick of vending machines.

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