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That Turkey article seems to say the exact opposite of Dani Rodrik:

What lies behind the trials is an apparent effort to discredit the government’s opponents on the basis of the flimsiest evidence and often, far worse, by framing them with planted evidence and forged documents. While a handful of the hundreds who have been accused may be guilty of some wrongdoing, the conduct of many of the prosecutors leaves little doubt that they are pursuing a political agenda, instead of seeking to uncover actual crimes and identify true culprits. Deception at such a scale would be unimaginable without at least the implicit cooperation of members of the government.

Who's right?

For almost every other country, taming the military is a good idea. For Turkey, it is not. Their military has been a force for good, protecting the country's secular (Ataturk) democracy.

I spent part of a summer in communist East Germany in the 1980s, and and the solyanka soup listed in the must-try Russia section was available at many restaurants there. It was delicious and one of few things of note that I had to eat or drink that summer. I wonder if that menu item faded with the communist state?

eh..."Don't try street food in India" but "go for Chaat/Paani Puri"? The best chaat is on the street! Unless you want to try the air conditioned sit down restaurant masquerading as a chaat shop, where they use mineral water and always wear gloves. Come on guys, a little diarrhea is worth the flavour!

i would like go to france . i like there

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