Assorted links

1. What econ bloggers worry about.

2. Excerpt from BBC on Lagos.

3. Intedrbreeding with Neandertals: a summary of recent discoveries, and here.

4. Trying to calculate the odds, vis-a-vis dating.

5. 1:45.

6. The wisdom of Tyler Cowen.

7. Is Facebook dying?



You certainly know what to hide in a link dump.

Way to maintain credibility with everyone. You're so clever.

"If you never sell stocks..."

That, in fact, is my plan for the next decade or so.

7: I joined Facebook back in 2004 when it was still just a college thing. The ever growing complexity has certainly been a significant annoyance, especially considering how often the move things around. Still, it's useful for keeping in touch with family and friends scattered across the country.

How come every time I put some effort into facebook I read a post telling me it's over?

Tyler - Thanks for the link. Hope my article made you chuckle. Alternative title: "Why No One Dates Economists" :P


Just one more little feature...better if they made the ones they
have work properly.

"BFJO" -- After reading the name Big Friendly Jazz Orchestra, my mind immediately thought of the other, totally obvious use of the "F" which would also fit.

Then, after watching several of their numbers on YouTube, I realized there is another equally obvious "F" -- FUN.

Those kids were clearly having so much fun, it's a shame they had to graduate. After their senior year, they should have just showed up next September for another year ... and then another ...

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