The Executive dining room at the World Bank

The room mixes many different cuisines in the form of a buffet, so you can test directly a theory of buffets, while holding quality of the kitchen constant.  The cold part of the buffet is excellent, especially the smoked salmon and the prosciutto with melon, both well above typical U.S. standards.  Lamb tends to hold up relatively well in the buffet format.  Avoid anything cooked rapidly at high heat, with sealed-in juices.  Never take most forms of Chinese food from a buffet.  The chicken vindaloo was soggy, though Indian generally does well in the buffet format.  I looked for fermented Korean snacks but in vain.  The shrimp with cilantro was better than expected, vaguely Peruvian.  At no point were they trying to trick me with "filler."  Overall you could do worse than to eat here, which implies donor opinion is a constraint on raising WB salaries explicitly.

What are the other principles for eating properly at buffets?


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