*Liberated Cooking*

I've been browsing this 1987 book, edited by Marty Zupan and Lou Villadsen, of recipes from libertarians and classical liberals.  Nobel Laureate James M. Buchanan offers up his take on Middle Tennessee Fried Corn, claiming "Properly done, this is the best dish in the world!"

Select several ears of fresh field corn (not sweet corn), preferably Hickory King white corn.  Husk ears, then cut tips of kernels into bowl.  Then scrape remaining milk of kernels into bowl.

Add water and salt to mixture.  Add 2 tbsp. lard (or other fat) to mixture.

Put in skillet and cook over moderate heat (simmer) for one hour.  Add water as needed.  Stir to prevent sticking.

You'll also find recipes from Robert Heinlein, Murray Rothbard (he claims his favorite dessert of Cherry Clafouti violates the otherwise praxeological law of diminishing marginal utility), two from David Friedman (medieval and Icelandic), Buchanan's pizza recipe, Ron Paul, David Henderson, Henry Hazlitt, and last but not least Milton Friedman's account of the stuffed cabbage which Rose cooked for him, inspired by her mother Sarah Director.  Buchanan's is the only one which sounded tasty to me, possibly the Friedman recipe also.


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