Sixteen products they sell only at the Chinese Walmarts

1. Crocodiles

2. Bulk rice (TC is this true?)

3. Mixed meat (check out the photo below)

4. Orange juice and cooking oil, wrapped and bundled together

5. Turtles

6. ???? (check out the photo)

7. Walmart brand spirits

8. Rib cages (have I seen those in Mexico Walmart?)

9. Assorted dried reptiles

10. "Beautiful boxes of liquor"

11. Frogs

12. "A Large selection of chopsticks"

13. Ducks (TC: dubious)

14. Great Value Brand Hot and Spicy Beef Granules

15. Pig faces

16. Antibacterial bikini underwear for men (awesome photo)

The link, with photos is here, and I thank Leon Bergen for the pointer.


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