The best sentence Chris Masse has sent me about the iPad

The iPad makes using a computer less of a commitment and that has important implications for the way I compute.

The source link is here (not Chris) and Chris is here.


The ipad burned out my eyeballs, so I had to return it. I am surprised that this eye fatigue problem is not more common. The thing is damn hard to read on for more than an hour.

Who computes on a computer anymore?

Is talking on a phone computing?

Is writing a response on paper and mailing it back to your pen pal computing?

The iPad uses "pad" in its name to reflect the way we have been using desktops and laptops and notebooks: as fancy note pads that make writing notes to ourselves and other easier, and make reading notes, finding notes, and sending and receiving faster and easier.

Are iPads good--or at least decent--for writing long documents?

It makes a big commitment to making steve jobs paid...

To save a web page, try Instapaper. I use it all the time with my iPad. I too, use it as I read to take notes on. For that I use Evernote, which syncs with your other computers.

So I read that and he talks about things like using it to read a recipe off of in the kitchen. Well, I had to snicker, as my wife is, as I type this, making herself a meal by following the instructions on my iPhone. Quite the revolution, the iPad is.

If the iPad succeeds, it's because consumers know little about the abilities of smartphones and the low cost of netbooks.

since when is spending 500.00 on a computer/toy consider a non-commitment?

rationalization: get into it.

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