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6. "he has rubbed some people the wrong way and infuriated others." But enough about his friends!

7. If I hate school, believe it's mostly BS, and think it's for suckas and kissing up to the man, does that mean I am "acting black?"

Here is a summary of Roland Fryer’s "acting white" studies:

It really looks like this is a bigger problem for Hispanics than for blacks.

re: #7

" Ogbu (with Astrid Davis) published an ethnological survey of Shaker Heights, Ohio describing the “acting white† problem’s effects there in detail"

Hey, I live in Shaker Heights!

Re: Acting white: is the gap in academic performance larger than what would be predicted by the known and stable cognitive ability differences?

#4 is very interesting. Finally an analysis that seems pretty strong on the data and the trend-spotting.

#2 the pigs are beautifully displayed.

"acting white" is a real problem.
It's also an excuse, with some reason, for racism.
The desire for us against them identity is a huge barrier for universal values; and the article notes how it's a bigger problem in the integrated schools. At Stanford years ago, the blacks hung out mostly with other blacks, and most engineering classes had far fewer blacks than the percentage enrolled. Other top colleges seem to have similar "black ghetto" issues.
But thanks partly to Obama being black, plus the Tea Parties pretty reliable support for new black Republicans, maybe blacks can grow up enough to support diversity in political thought, and reduce their 90% (Kerry, Obama was at 95%) support for anybody with a "D".

#4 was really interesting -- the time stamp small delay, huge flood (5,000 per second?) of possibly manipulative quotes; very reasonable recommendations.

I don't have time to watch an hour long YouTube of even such a great economist as Buchanan -- where is the transcript? The lack of good audio-video >> text transcription is a reminder of how playing Grandmaster chess is (programatically) easier than understanding speech.

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