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Why not infect uber wealthy with prevalent illnesses & disabilities? My guess is that they'd have to be young. I imagine some fiction where the parent/sibling of a vet who lost their legs to an IED in Iraq kidnaps a Zuckerberg/Brin type, takes his/her legs, then smiles from jail as their victim drives artificial limbs reach new heights in capability and producibility.

The success of Mourinho with Inter and Brasil playing like Italy and winning everything showed that 11 men hanging in the goal is the way to win.
Add the injured and the left home star players.
The fear of an injury
And the too long european season

@Gideon: If you read the Wicherts papers, you'll see they
support the Lynn/Vanhanen rank ordering of national
average IQs: They just think the lowest numbers aren't *quite* as low as LV say. I quote their work in my new paper on IQ and national savings.

A common theme in scientific papers that claim to debunk IQ research is that they
reinforce the view that IQ measures are important and reasonably reliable.

FYI, we ran our key results substituting in Wicherts-like values at the low end of the national average IQ estimates and got basically the same results. That's in our paper.

"Joe -- do you claim that Wicherts or any other superior measurement of average national intelligence would invert the rank order in the LV data? (...)
If not, then stop pretending to be clever. "

Uhm.. that's not what Joe claims. Maybe you can stop putting words in other people mouths?

It’s always embarrassing when something like this happens...

It's always embarrassing whey you make a complete fool of yourself in the comments section of a blog - but, at least it's anonymous (I presume "Joe Gideon" isn't your real name - otherwise people are going to know you're not nearly as smart as you think you are).

The real question is whether left-wingers consider themselves more intellectual than they really are.


Its been the game of leftists for years. Simply claim how stupid those idiots/rightwingers/villains are for noticing IQ differences and how they can explain so much of what Social Science purports to study and explain, then declare your superiority and excoriate others for listening to those who notice and pay attention to IQ research.
Then tweet and blog your way to spreading this meme. Google Ezra Klein's absolutely ridiculous, retarded, childish lash-out review of The Bell Curve. This kid now writes for WashPost.
A good day's work to defend empirical egalitarianism which is completely, absolutely debunked.


I used Sailer's database because he turned LV's data into a readable spreadsheet.

That's it; I take good, usable data from any source, without regard to the historical background of the producer. I figured I'd get more people to look at the data if it had a URL....

FYI: I wouldn't have fired David Weigel from the Post, either.

And this paper uses a calibrationist, "quantitative theory" approach, which uses micro-based parameter values to explicitly build the links in a causal chain; quantitative theory doesn't find much use for regression. The link in my name has a brief summary of the quantitative theory approach.

If you want regressions, my 2006 Journal of Economic Growth piece with Schneider has thousands of regressions, controlling for dozens of common economic growth variables.

There, we find IQ is an extremely robust growth predictor--The current paper's calibration approach complements the other paper's regression approach.

P.S. Our Immigrant IQ paper is in the current issue of Economic Inquiry.

About the point 3, I think the study does not make much sense.

They compared the question "In political matters, people talk of “the left† and “the right.†How would you place
your views on this scale, generally speaking?" with the question "“Incomes should be made more equal vs We need larger income differences as incentives. How would you place your views on this scale?".

All left/right divisions about "family values", "law and order", immigration, foreign policy, etc. are ignored; and I bet that is in these issues that the "leftism" of "educated" classes is more strong.

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