Markets in everything

This one is from Australia:

Chef Yukako Ichikawa has introduced a 30 percent discount for diners who eat all the food they have ordered at Wafu, her 30-seat restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, that describes itself as "guilty free Japanese cuisine."

"To contribute toward creating a sustainable future we request a little more of our guests than most other restaurants," she says in a list of her restaurant's policies that is pinned on the door to the eatery.

This list includes finishing all dishes ordered which are organic and free of gluten, dairy, sugar and eggs and the chef and her staff tell people who don't clear their plates to choose another restaurant next time.

"Finishing your meal requires that everything is eaten except lemon slices, gari (sushi ginger) and wasabi," says the menu.

"Please also note that vegetables and salad on the side are NOT decorations; they are part of the meal too."

The link is here and I thank Mein Lindenbaum for the pointer. 

Of course one economic effect is to discourage diners from ordering more food.  That means, ceteris paribus, higher prices.  If you wish to cast a non-crazy gloss on this, think of it as one way to signal and precommit to higher quality!  Have any of you eaten there?


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