Assorted links

1. Arthur Marget archive, on-line, lots there.

2. The Great Restructuring?

3. The board game that is German, by Tim Harford.

4. The culture that is Sweden, with good photos.

5. Via Kottke, this article isn't just about tennis.


Germany is the "Eurogame" (more abstract, quirky, and strategic) superpower. The US is the wargame (complicated, tactical, less random) superpower. None of these games are ones you find at toy stores, though.

America also tends to make games (pejoratively called "Ameritrash") which spend a lot more resources on production value and atmosphere than on streamlined game mechanics. Fantasy Flight games are the best examples here: tons of character but often clunky game mechanics.

There's probably a bad sociological treatise in there somewhere about why Eurogames tend to be much more dependent on luck than American wargames. Just compare Settlers of Catan with Advanced Squad Leader to see fairly extreme examples of both styles.

#2 "The Great Restructuring" plots seem mostly fear-mongering to me. The plots are misleading. What if it turns out that the plots look like this instead?

Do we have reason to believe they won't, other than personal beliefs? Maybe employment just has big lag. I find the idea of "the great restructuring" a little hard to believe.....

4. Don't tangle with a man who's tossed back a couple Fantas.

"Skrota"? Is that the plural?

Puerto Rico is my favorite of the Eurogames. Less random than settlers, and with a couple valid strategies.

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