Assorted links

1. Memorizing Milton.

2. Port problems are central to Haiti's mess.

3. Farm raids are rising.

4. MRIs on fruits and vegetables.

5. India markets in everything: Sachin's blood in a bottle.

6. Best description of a newspaper source, from Argentina.  And I've just added the blogger,Samuel Arbesman, to my RSS feed.


"regulators invariably nose around and infiltrate private buying groups or raw milk herdshares to gain information on "probable cause.""

These foods are such threats to the public that government regulators have to infiltrate the exclusive networks using spy tactics.

Why is our government so gahay?

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I wonder if it is an attempt by government to force commoditization.

I'm wondering if Peter Thiel's view on a deflationary/distrust period is going to consist of a trend towards de-commoditization.

Or maybe those tea party people are just teabaggers.

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I have a few characters in my horror novels who have memorized all the parts where the Devil and his friends speak. Of course, they are the Devil and his friends.

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Re: Arbesman ... I'd love to hear Paul Romer's take on the top post.

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I am slack-jawed after reading about the farm raids. Just insanity. As an efficient allocation of state resources... well it's not like we're doing anything else I guess... except for the wars in the Middle East of course... and personnel spread here and there throughout the world... then there is the problem of real crime in our own country...

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On No. 3, see the Barf Blog, which regularly (461 posts and counting) discusses the food safety issues involved in raw and unprocessed foods. NOT as safe as proponents claim.

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