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"Deportations are rising under Obama": that sounds uncomfortable.

Tyler, re #7: couldn't you be a little more skeptical?

The data for through FY 2008 is from the ICE yearbook (presumably official stats). The amount for FY 2009 is cited as Washington Post, 3/19/2010 but I cannot find anything other than a cite of a Center for American Progress (lib/prog group) about expectations of costs for mass deportations are estimated to be $285 billion. The amounts for FY2010 are based on a memo from the Obama administration, which indicated that they were on track to deport 310,000 as of February 2010(significantly lower than in previous years) but that they were going to step it up. Now I usually take all pronouncements of the Obama administration as the gold standard for veracity, but the fact that the chart comes from Andrew Sullivan, quoting a pro-immigration reform group, triggers my BS detector. It's beeping and I say BS on this post.

Compared to George Bush? How does this administration compare to when we actually had a reasonably well-functioning government? Say under WH Taft?

No. 2 is a very good headline.

@Zach - small sample size? There are four tests varying from 45 to 140 subjects. All of them replicate the most basic effect! And regression to the mean only accounts for a small amount of the DK effect.

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